Friday, August 1, 2014

Sail Away

While we were making the Ice Candles we had a little bit of glass that had epoxy in it. It was from the blue one and as I looked at that little piece of textured glass I saw water. Frothy wavy water. And so I got an idea. 

A sail boat with water. What fun!

First I had to figure out how to mold my water in so it would look kind of natural with out getting all over the glass. Well since epoxy doesn't stick to silicone and silicone comes off glass easily that was the way I would go.

So I drew a line with the silicone and then filled it in with textured glass.

Then I tinted some epoxy blue and filled in the glass.

I decided to replace my blue flag with a yellow one and got rid of my rocks on the left.

I decided a light house would be better.

I decided to do my background clear instead of blue. I was going to grout but then thought what would happen if I used epoxy on the top as well.

So here is the finished project. I am not sure I would use epoxy on the top again as it smoothed the edges of my water but still not bad for a new technique. 

Here is another view so you can see the texture of the water:

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